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What was it like to grow up in the same house with Jesus of Nazareth? In this fictional work, supported by biblical and historical sources, the author describes the daily life of Jesus of Nazareth and in so doing brings a sense of His humanity closer to our understanding. Written, as it were, by the youngest daughter of Joseph and Mary, it is an intimate and powerful look behind the scenes into the life of the One who changed the world.

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The Gospels do not teach us to 'try' to be a Christian. The born again disciple IS a Christian and all of his behavior is to reflect who he truly is! Our day-to-day ordinary life continually declares what kind of disciple we are.

Each of us needs to answer the questions:

*How serious am I about living my faith?

*How serious is my 'YES' to God's call on my life?

*How serious am I about being conformed into the image    of the Lord Jesus?

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David, the shepherd boy who became King of Israel, wrote more than half of the psalms in the Bible. The longest one is Psalm 119, a profound testimony of David's love for God and for God's word. In these meditations, the reader is invited to peek into David's heart towards God and in so doing, emulate his love and devotion to the Holy One of Israel. It becomes evident why God called David 'a man after my own heart.'

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